How To Care for Your Stems

  • UNWRAP: If you received one of our bouquets, remove the
    wrapping and select your favorite clean vase


    1. SNIP: To ensure that the stems will absorb lots of water, cut at least
      ½’’ off the stems diagonally to allow more surface area for them to drink
      water and ensure that they don’t sit flush with the bottom of the vase 

    3. THIRST: Fill the vase with cool, clean water and try to change the water
      daily - or as often as you remember. Different varieties of flowers live
      different lives so remove the flowers as they expire so they don’t spread
      bacteria to the other healthy blooms

    5. SAVE: Keep flowers out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures,
      which can dry out the flowers and cause wilting

    7. TRIM: If possible, trim up the base of your stems every day or two

    9. SHARE: Share your stems with your friends and tag #stemsandco